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Securalert : Emergency Call System at your Finger Tips

At the moment Securalert is the only existing system on the market that will accurately, and instantly pinpoint the exact location of a person in distress.


Specifically designed for hospitals, psychiatric or detention centers, youth centers, as well as for treatment centers for alcoholism or drug addiction, the Securalert system allows personnel to go about its duties in complete security. Pressing the miniature transmitter button alerts the security personnel immediately and the exact local number where the event is taking place is displayed on a numerical/alphanumerical pager or alarm panel.


- An alert receiver is installed in each designated local. This receiver, equipped with a light, indicates a call has been placed, is connected to a central power supply and an alarm control panel. When a call is transmitted by a person using a panic button, a buzzer sounds at the alarm panel and the light corresponding to the local flashes, indicating where the person is.

- The information can also be instantly transmitted to a pager via an automatic numeric or alphanumeric radio paging system. The system can also be interfaced with a hospital nurse call system or with a school intercom system.

Miniature Transmitter Button

· Works in all the protected locals, rooms, wards.

· Uses latest technology

· Small and discreet

· May not be activated by mistake

· Slips in your pocket, around your neck, clips to your belt or to a piece of clothing.

· Weight: One ounce

· Manual or automatic weak battery indicator every 12 minutes.

Alert Receiver

· A light indicates a call has been placed

· May be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted

· Triggered by the control center

· Adjustable sensitivity

· May be housed in a standard electrical power box

· Outlet: C form contact